About Revolve

The current limited liability company evolved out of a sole proprietorship by the owner, Christopher Reese. Established in 2006, Revolve grew beyond what the independent consultancy could support, and the entity began to perform work within different industries. Over the past decade, Revolve found its place within the Federal contracting space and has served as a prime and subcontractor to many government programs. Today, the company employs over twenty individuals with additional consultants making contributions to many of the company’s efforts.


Since its establishment in 2006, Revolve has remained in good standing and certified as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business.

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Certified since 2006



Revolve prefers to operate where the solutions are not pre-determined. Where larger firms may offer a proprietary formula for solving problems, Revolve’s approach is to craft solutions to address the unique challenges faced by our customers.


Simply stated, our solutions revolve around our customers’ needs.


Meet the Owner

Revolve is owned by Christopher Reese, a native of Pennsylvania but a resident of Alexandria, Virginia since 1998. Late in 2000, Chris launched his first consulting firm to tackle the needs of developing and distributing educational content for adults through digital channels. As the Internet emerged as a viable alternative to videotape and satellite delivery, his work always required some ingenuity to figure out how to using new technologies to supply adult learners with instructionally sound content.


Chris enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served 23 years before retiring in 2015. He deployed to Iraq in 2003, which caused him to temporarily shutter his business. Upon his 

return, he spent time working inside SAIC, Freddie Mac and the Defense Intelligence Agency. He learned how large organizations operated and managed talent and training. In 2006, he decided to proceed back into entrepreneurial waters and established Revolve Solutions LLC. By 2009 he had his first government contract in place and over the past decade established Revolve as a strategic small business partner.

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