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Data Scientist/Analyst

Alexandria, VA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The applicant shall provide assistance to the data and environment teams in development of capabilities. The candidate shall pose hypotheses, challenge assumptions, and uncover best practices in data management, data analytics, and data reporting. The person must present findings in understandable documents for use by the organization’s senior leaders. Candidate will analyze and apply domain experience to scope projects from senior leaders. The candidate must utilize analysis tools (like Jupiter, Python, Access and Vantage) and apply models similar to the RAND competency model. The ideal candidate will utilize Enterprise as a Service to substantiate use of cloud solution management and governance with documentation to improve the client’s oversight of data and related initiatives. This person serves as a liaison between the enterprise data office and the domain leads to facilitate the creation of data-rich business health dashboards. As the senior data representative, the responsibilities include serving as the data analytics lead on internal client-driven use cases, as a contributing analyst on those externally sponsored use cases, facilitating the administrative “core” teams planning and running the big data competitions, providing incidental data analysis support to those events, developing Analytics Governance documentation and briefing content as required by the organization’s Director. Other duties include, provide daily/weekly/monthly/ad hoc updates on the status and progress, and coordinate with the team’s supervisor for scheduling and logistics.



  • Represent the government lead with daily operations and research, prepare and deliver presentations, and plan and execute workshops involving the community of interest.

  • Participate in the weekly team meetings led by the government official.

  • Participate in data analytics production meetings to track active analytics use cases.

  • Attend the data science community of interest sessions.

  • Attend the monthly integration meetings that bring together representatives from across the business operations enterprise.

  • Support all analytics activities/projects sponsored by this government office.

  • Provide administrative support for data analytics challenges and competitions.

  • Utilize the organization’s various data tools/platforms/environments, including Vantage, Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS), Enterprise Data Services Catalog (EDSC), DataRobot, Enterprise Knowledge Repository (EKR).

  • Author Standard Operating Procedures and other related documentation for supporting the organization’s enterprise data mission.


  • DoD Secret clearance is required.

  • Previous experience in data science or related field. Minimum of 5+ years is preferred.

  • Previous experience collaborating as part of a data analytics team.

  • Experience with cloud environments preferred. AWS and Azure are the primary options.

  • Experience working with different platforms is expected. Python, Qlik, R, Tableau, Collibra are among the technologies involved.

  • Experience working within a DoD organization or Federal agency preferred.

  • Strong analysis and critical thinking skills.

  • Deadline and detail-oriented

  • Strong leadership qualities

  • Team player and ability to work geographically separated from other team members.

  • Experienced in Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools with an emphasis on Teams, SharePoint, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


Qualifying employees receive competitive health benefits (medical, dental, vision), retirement plan, disability coverage, among others. Company contributes 50% towards medical, 100% towards dental and vision. Revolve also contributes 3% safe harbor 401K funding towards the retirement savings. Profit sharing plan adds to each employee’s total compensation.

Compensation Range:

Salary is negotiable based upon the candidate’s background, experience level, certifications.


Bachelor’s degree with minimum 7 years’ experience required, or master’s degree with 5 years’ experience. Related degrees in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, or Robotic Process Automation are strongly favored.


PMP certification preferred.

Security Clearance, Background Check:

Secret clearance, either current or past, is required. For those who do not possess a clearance, a full background check and adjudication will be required.

Telework and Travel:

Telework options exist. Mission travel is not expected. Local travel may be necessary in a limited capacity.

About the Company

Our employees work for Revolve because Revolve works for them.

Team Member Benefits:
Revolve offers much more than competitive pay and benefits. We provide the opportunity for you to become a part of something bigger. An innovative way of doing business where teamwork is encouraged, camaraderie is fostered and a genuine partnership with each client is instilled.

Revolve is an organization that is only as successful as the people behind it. Which is why we promote individual growth through collaboration and mentoring to help you reach your career goals.

Cultural Values:
- Drive innovation
- Invest in our employees
- Work/life balance
- Celebrate growth
- Promote collaboration
- Focus on outcomes
- Anticipate clients’ needs
- Corporate citizenship

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