Revolve Partners with DHRA SAPRO

Revolve Solutions supported the work of the Department of Defense, Human Resources Activity, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, (DHRA SAPRO) through the development and delivery of sexual assault prevention capacity materials for prevention practitioners and leadership across the Department. Our work helped develop the knowledge and skills to advance and support the use of research-based sexual assault prevention efforts across the Department in order to eliminate the occurrence of sexual assault in the military.

Using instructional design expertise and sexual assault prevention subject matter experts we developed 160 hours of asynchronous and synchronous learning. Our instructional designers built out the asynchronous learning on the vClass platform allowing training participants to learn foundational concepts at their own pace. The sexual assault prevention curriculum also included 80 hours of in-person training with a wide variety of learning activities and in-depth content designed to build participants capacity to develop a comprehensive sexual assault prevention plan and evaluate prevention activities. Lastly, the curriculum utilized a community of practice model to support the implementation of prevention actions in participants own Military communities.

In order to support the prevention capacity of a wide audience Revolve Solutions successfully hosted 7 live webinars on a variety of sexual assault prevention topics using both Military and civilian subject matter experts. These live webinars hundreds of professionals working in sexual assault prevention across the Department.

We developed a variety of tools to support leadership at all levels in creating a climate that does not tolerate sexual assault. These leadership tools included a resource packet for identifying, selecting and hiring sexual assault prevention personnel. This is a new area of workforce development for the Department so hiring the personnel with the right skill set is essential. We also developed a Leadership Action Guide with concrete actions leadership can take to prevent and intervene with harmful behaviors and environments while building unit cohesion and supporting mission readiness. Lastly, we created a one-page communication tool that outlines the competencies that make a leader successful in preventing sexual assault.

Revolve Solutions is honored to have supported the work of DHRA SAPRO in addressing this significant and harmful problem.

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