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Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT)

Revolve’s team was involved with a complete marketing and branding effort for the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT). The multi-year effort involved visual design, such as logos and promotional materials, as well as training products for in-person and virtual settings.


SMOHIT’s website is located here:


SMOHIT’s logo was rebranded with a modern touch that included lighter colors, gradients and a circular design that would connect with its historical look.

The design was then placed upon various backgrounds with different font colors to allow SMOHIT some options when using the logo in different ways. A Style Guide defined the use of each logo style.


One of the first uses of the new logo was in the creation of a 10-foot wide banner used for tradeshows. The customer required a bold color palette with minimal text.

Logo 1.png
Logo 3.png
Logo 4.png
Logo 2.png
Tradeshow Graphic.png

Training Packages

SMOHIT addresses the training requirements from their membership across North America. Standard training packaging, such as front covers, page layouts and certificates, adhered to the Style Guide.

TP 1
TP 2
TP 3
TP 4
TP 5
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